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Judy Russell Presents brings together a host of local arts leaders and actors for its second production of the year: 12 Angry Men Jurors by Reginald Rose.

Alumni from Judy Russell Presents, Excalibur Theatre Arts Co., Shooting Stars Theatre, Pocket Theatre, Theatre Northwest and more, make up the stellar cast of 12 Angry Men Jurors which will be playing the Prince George Playhouse May 4-6, 2018.  12 Angry Jurors directly follows the plot of 12 Angry Men, with a handful of roles filled by exceptional female talent.

Featured in the cast are David Leach of Excalibur Theatre Arts Co. as Juror 8, Sandra Clermont (Judy Russell Presents: Cabaret, Hello Dolly, Sound of Music) as Juror 3 and Melissa Glover of Shooting Stars Theatre & Theatre Northwest as Juror 10. The show will be directed by Anna Russell and additional cast includes: Adam Harasimiuk, Katherine Trepanier & Tracy Summerville. 

An examination of the North American people and the judicial system that keeps them in check, 12 Angry Men Jurors centres on Juror 8 who is, at first, the sole holdout  in an 11-1 guilty vote. He aims, not to prove the other jurors wrong, but rather encourages them to abandon their personal biases and see the case for what it is. After the teleplay aired in 1954 it rose to critical acclaim and was adapted by the Playwright, Reginald Rose into a film starring Henry Fonda in 1957.  The original courtroom drama and always relevant, 12 Angry Men was last seen on Broadway in 2004 and holds particular cultural significance in 2018 with the recent convictions in the Fribjon Bjornson, Colton Boushie and  Tina Fontaine cases.